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Lit Circle Summary- Part 2, 1-3

Lit Circle Part 2- Chapters 1;-3


Winston finds out 'the dark haired girl' loves him when she gives him a note at work one day.  He also finds out that her name is Julia.  He no longer believes that she is a spy.  He ends up arranging to see her in some place where they can't be watched.  They have sex in a forest and she tells him that she has done it a bunch before.  He is happy that there are other people who are rebelling the Party.  Winston doesn't just want her for her youthful body and sex.  He genuinely likes Julia and wants to protect her.  The go back to normal lives and have several meetings throughout the week.  We learn that Julia know that her interactions with Winston could get her killed but she also believes it is possible to construct a secret world, where you can live as you choose.


The event happens in chapter one of part two, throughout the entire chapter.

Julia has been watching Winston for quite a while.  Winston believed that she may be a member of the thought police and out to get him.  We learn from this event that reality is quite different.

Winston's relationship grows.  Julia pretends to fall while walking by Winston and while he is helping her up, she passes him a note that reads "I love you".  From then on, they decide to make a plan to meet.  They talk briefly while in a crowd and share their affection by holding hands and decide to meet in the countryside.

This situation is similar to Romeo and Juliet.

Both Romeo and Juliet , and Winston Juliet's relationship start based on very little contact or discussion.  However, both loves are extremely new and passionate despite their lack of knowledge of the other.

Passage Master Page

"We are the dead, " he said
"We're not dead yet" said Julia (142)

Winston is afraid of death while Julia is not.  Winston is in conflict with the laws and is slowly rebelling.  Julia is giving him strength to carry forward but seducing and using him for her selfish needs.

Julia is reminding Winston to live and giving him strength to not give up hope.  She does not love him in a traditional sense but she does aid Winston in a long way of liberating him and awakening Winston's rebellion.

Many people have a fear of dying or becoming ill.  When they realised that they time they have left is limited, they may try to have experiences or live excessively.  Often exaggerated, their behaviours include rebellion.

"I thought I'd that a chance.   I'm good at spotting people who don't belong.  As soon as I saw you,  I knew you were against them"

Julia says this when she meets Winston in the woods, explaining what it is she found attractive about him.

This quote shows that Julia is not who Winston thought and that she is against the party.  However, it could be a hint that she does not actually love him but would rather have another revolt against the party with her.


1.  fatuous-  silly and pointless

"The irritating thing was that in the racket of voices Winston could hardly hear what Parsons was saying and was constantly having to ask for some fatuous remark to be repeated." 

2. intermittently- starting, stopping, and starting again, not constant

"Winston knew they were there, but he saw them only intermittently."

3.  Ingsoc- the political ideology of the totalitarian government

"He wolfed another tasteless meal in the canteen, hurried off to the centre, took part in the solemn foolery of a discussion group, played two games."

4.  saccharine- excessively sweet or sentimental

"The queue edged forward till Winston was almost at the counter, then was held up for two minutes because in front was complaining....."

5.  etiolated- having lost vigour or substance, feeble

"Already on the walk in the station the May sunshine had made him feel dirty and etiolated, a creature of indoors."

6.  chequered- marked by periods of varied fortune or discreditable incidents.

"They had left the clearing and were wandering again through the chequered shade, with their arms around ......"  

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Young Love

“The most painful thing is loosing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too”( Ernest Hemingway) It all started in the second semester of grade 10. I always liked the thought of a boyfriend, but could never find someone I liked enough. First day in the second semester in French class there was a new guy I had never seen before, I guess he just had not been in any of my other classes before. He was also in my socials class and who happened to be a lacrosse player. I thought nothing of it, he was just your typical silly lacrosse player. As the semester went by we slowly got to know each other as friends, and I developed a little crush. Some how he got a hold of my number, we began to text daily.  Finally, he asked me to hangout and I was so excited! I casually text him back saying “sure”. We hung out at my house and just talked, which somehow turned into a wrestling match which he won every time, but one time I some how got my legs wrapped around him, he looked me in the eyes and his head moved closer, I looked away and turned my head. When I looked back at him, he said “sorry” I replied, “why?” even though I know he tried to kiss me, he said nothing. We just looked at each other and our lips touched. It was probably the worst kiss ever! Our teeth kind of kept touching and it was actually quite uncomfortable, I was so embarrassed. He pulled away with a little smirk on his face and said “lets try that again“. After that every kiss felt special. Eventually it was already half way through the second semester and we officially had a “thing”.  On May 22 it was one of my best friends sweet 16, she was having a big house party in which ***** and the rest of his clan were not invited. I remember being mad at him for some reason,  it was probably for something stupid like, liking another girls photo on facebook or something. That night at that party, I had never been so drunk, it was probably the second time I had ever even drank. I wish I could erase it out of my life, I was so out of control that I unknowingly hooked up with another guy, and pictures were taken and posted on facebook the next day. The weekend after the party I never heard a word from *****. When Monday came, he completely avoided me at school, the next day we both got to school early to talk things over and he thankfully gave me a second chance. By the end of grade 10 we still had a “thing” and hung out regularly. As the summer came we didn't talk much, and then I left for New York for a month and we completely stopped communicating. This is when I realized how much I actually liked this guy, this silly, idiotic, stupid lacrosse player. I never missed someone one so much. When I finally arrived home I text him and he came over. Before he came I wanted everything to be perfect, I picked out a nice pink shirt and some leggings and cleaned my room. When he knocked on the door I opened it, and he was standing there with his stupid little smile with his arms wide open gesturing for a hug. I remember squeezing him so tightly.  That day we literally sat in my room, just talking for hours about our summer. School was just around the corner and we hangout a few more times. On the first day of grade 11, I was nervous, but not because it was the first day of being a senior, but because I did not know how to act  around him at school, things running through my mind, “should I hug him”, “should I wait so I don’t embarrass him”, “should I say hi” or “maybe I should just avoid him”.  After the second week of school I got more comfortable, and we started to hangout on a regular basis. On October 3, it was the best day of my life, we both skipped fourth block at school and went back to my house, that day he officially asked me out and made me French toast. That was the beginning of our relationship. He was the first boyfriend I ever had, and I didn't know how to be a girlfriend. Everything I did was to please him, if he was not happy I wasn't either, if there was something that made him happy I would do it and if there was something that made him upset I wouldn't. I was always asking for reassurance, if he was upset I automatically thought it was something I did. The only thing I wanted him to was to get a little jealous once and a while, so sometimes I would purposely go sit and talk with some other guys. But he never said anything to me about it so I didn't think it bothered him which drove me absolutely crazy! I wanted him to want me and all of me for himself. When he sat with other girls or I saw that he was texting another girl I got so jealous but I was always to scared to express myself, I did not want to become that “annoying jealous girlfriend” or that “clingy girlfriend” that had to be with him 24/7. One day we just hangout out, he looked me straight in the eyes and said the ultimate three words eight letters “ I love you”. I died inside, as much as I wanted to say it back I couldn't, I was to scared, I did not want to say something I would regret. Just before Christmas he got his license, I remember the day he came and picked me up and all we did was drive around, I felt so cool having my boyfriend being the first grade 11 to get his license.  Christmas day came and he came and visited me after Christmas dinner, we exchanged gifts and watched a movie. As January rolled around so did my birthday, I remember walking up to him in the school parking lot and him giving me the biggest hug, he always gave the best hugs. We skipped that whole day together, he took me out for lunch and went back to my house, he got me way to many gifts. Before I opened any of them I looked up at him and said “ I love you”. Have you ever been so happy  you cried? I have only once, on my 17th birthday, words can’t describe how I felt, it was a feeling I had never felt before. We were both incredibly happy and both loved each other. This relationship lasted till March of grade 11. One day I randomly get a text saying the four worst words that a girl dreads to hear, “we need to talk”. I remember my heart beating so fast and my body constantly shaking, I couldn't help it. We went on a break for a week, I was hoping everything would work out, and we could stay together. But it was just the opposite, he pulled the “ its not you, its me” bullshit. I didn't know how to take it, other then crying, I told him I still had feelings for him, hoping that we could work on our relationship instead of just giving up, but he did not want to. I did not know how to be a good enough girlfriend and still don’t but I have learned so much from which I thank him for. I always knew I liked him so much more then he liked me, I did it to myself. Throughout that relationship I had never been so happy to have someone care about me the way he did, but there are so many things I wish I could go back and change. Maybe if I expressed my feelings more, or if I spoke my mind instead of agreeing all the time, or just made it less boring, I thought he was happy, so I was to. Lana Del Ray once said that “when someone else’s happiness is your happiness that is love” he was my first love and there will always be a place in my heart for him. Even up till this day, I don’t think about another guy as much as I do about him, and I don’t know why, because he probably hasn't once thought about me in months. I've tried to move on but I am to embarrassed to say I still have feeling for him. It’s the worst feeling in the world loving someone so much and knowing they don’t love you back. I don’t know what love is, but it’s the closest thing I've had to it. But still, how can you have so much love for someone, and think the world of them and they still don’t care about you? I don’t get it.

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You could say 2-faced

They say if you really want something in life you should not let anything get in your way of fulfilling your desires, but they also say that you should do anything that makes you happy unless it makes someone else unhappy.Yes, the fact I am going for my best friends Carlys, ex-boyfriend David totally goes against the rules of girl code, but I can’t help the way he makes me feel inside and out, I mean they dated like 4 years ago should it really matter still? If she was to find out about our secret, young love, our friendship would be over in a heartbeat. Seeing him in the school hallway while he walks with one muscular defined arm carrying his history book while wearing his ripped Abercrombie & Fitch distressed jeans while I am arm in arm with my best friend has got to be harder than solving quadratic functions in math class. We both avoid eye contact because if she finds out, we are both dead to her. They say “chicks before dicks” but the truth is, David is the complete opposite of a stereotypical Claremont douchebag, he is sweet, sensitive and everything I have ever wanted in a boyfriend. I mean, if Carly truly was my best friend wouldn’t she be happy for me? I keep telling myself that what I am doing is okay and everything will be fine because sometimes you have to be your own hero and save your own little heart, but deep down I know that going against my best friends back is simply, wrong. It’s now 1:05; the time David and I meet behind the big oak tree where we shared our first kiss. As I arrive I see his beautiful smiling face and can’t help but to smile back. He grips my hand and I lean in to his chest smelling his Calvin Klein IN2U cologne that I bought him for his birthday. This secret romance of ours is too secrete and deep that nothing else matters to me, as long as I have David, my world is complete.

Literature Circle #3

Discussion Director Questions

1.  Compare and contrast the society structure in London before the glorious revolution to society in 1984 9 75-78
*today only 40% adult proles are illiterate, before the Revolution only 15%

*infant mortality rate, 160%, before 300%

2.  What was the mood in the cafe and how does it relate to the overall mood of the story? (80

*dark, felt like he was being watched, sad.  The overall mood is not a happy place. It is very dark and gloomy.

3.  Why do you think everyone was eyeballing Winston when he walked into the pub? (91)
* it was a prole pub so it wasn't normal for him to be there in his party uniform

4.  Do you think Winston is being stalked by the girl?  Why do you think she is stalking him?
Yes.  We think he is being stalked because we think that she likes him.

Summary-  History Depends on the Proles

Ch.7 Winston writes in his diary that any hope for the revolution against the Party must come from the proles.  The brotherhood cannot destroy the Party.  Winston looks through a children's history book to get a feeling for what is happening.  The Party claims to have built great cities.  Winston doesn't know what to think about the past.  Furthermore,  the Party's claims that it has increased the literacy rate, reduced the infant mortality rate, and given everyone better food and shelter. Winston believes that their claims are not true, but since history has been re-written by the Party, he doesn't have any proof.  Winston thinks of his writing in his diary as a kind of letter to O'Brian, but he realized that he doesn't know anything about O'Brian.

Ch. 8  Winston goes for a walk and he envies the simple lives of the common people.  He enters a pub, and there he meets an old man.  Winston talks to the old man about life before the war.  Winston walks to the second-hand store where he bought the diary and he buys a clear glass paperweight with a pink coral center.  Mr. Charrington takes him upstairs to a private room with no telescreen.  On the way home, Winston sees a figure.  He is terrified so he hurries home, and decides that the best thing to do is commit suicide before the Party catches him.


Winston goes on a walk through the prole's homes.  He finds himself at the shop where he bought his diary.  He buys a clear glass paperweight with a clear glass coral center.  Mr. Charrington, the store owner, has a private room and Winston notices that there is no telescreen.

Winston is trying to find out what life was like before the Revolution.

Mr. Charrington takes Winston to a private room and Winston notices there isn't a telescreen.  He thinks about renting the room for a few dollars a week.  And then Winston notices the dark haired girl, so he hurries home.

This reminds me of walking into antique shops and looking at all the old knick-knacks from the past.  Usually the owners are eccentric and multi-layered in their personality.

The antique shops stands as a "museum" of the past.

Lesson:  The importance of having knowledge about the past.

Passage Master:  

"Until they become consious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious" (74)

This quote was written by Winston while he observes the proles.  He basically explains the way people live.  He says that they won't understand the lifestyle they are living until they rebel.  However, they won't rebel because the people do not realize that anything is wrong.  This reminds me of people in the United States who do not actually know if their goverment is good or bad, but do not rebel.  They only question. (Paradox) 

Vocabulary to know

1. Formidable : Inspiring fear or respect through power

"It was a great formidable cry of anger and despair.

2.  Bondage:  State of being a slave.

"The party claimed of course, to have liberated the proles of bondage.

3.  Jostled:  pushed, bumped against someone
"The successful woman bumped and jostled against the crowd.

Jesse Gough                      1984 Scene Re-Write                        November 13, 2013

Already a dense mass of people crowded towards the starboard bow of the boat. Jack, at normal
times lingering around the crowds edge, pushed his way through people one by one making his way towards a brown haired girl named Rose. After minutes of jockeying for position Jack was within arms reach of Rose, but the way was blocked by two sailors who were trying sneak a look at what all the commotion was about. Jack pressed his shoulder is between the sailors and wedged his way in between them. His gut was momentarily squeezed between the sailors hips but he managed to break through, sweating a little. Finally he was next to Rose. They were shoulder to shoulder staring blankly ahead of them. It seemed that there was a pod of whales passing the boat. People in the crowd were clapping and cheering in awe because they had probably never seen a whale before much less than a pod of whales. Rose started to move her lips but did not make eye contact with Jack. Her voice was slightly drowned out by the noise of the crowd.
“Can you hear me?”
“Then listen carefully. The only way we can be together is if we are alone with no one else Knowing where we are. My parents will not permit me seeing you at all. We can be together tonight though, my parents are attending a dinner at 8 o clock. Take the stairwell from your room and continue to your right where you will open the door. I will meet you in that room at 8:10. no sooner and no later, got that?
Jack shook his head and slowly backed away from Rose being careful not to draw attention to himself or her.

Vampire Inc. Jayson Giorio


“The day we join, connect together, our, my, your, life will all change for ever. People just can't accept me, we'll never have a time like this again.”
The persuasion in his voice is a knife but this was the only way. He's invisible, but they all know. The masked themed party was perfect, except for the mirrors. The dilemma of having a sharped tooth ware wolf as a boyfriend and potential husband can be the end or the start of a whole new life. Sneaking passed the mirrors is near impossible when a vampire, but 10 minutes was all we needed, middle of the dance floor while everyone's a few deep, we can't have a plan, we just need to attack.
While Ann-Marie was in the mitts of the party she has done, it, she knew it was time, time to make it all right, that last link in the chain is almost there. Shermain was outside the party ready to transform from a vampire to a normal human being forever. The mask was slipped on and Shermain was about lay the first building block to a new tower. The party was bumping, loud and obnoxious, shermain was making it out of this one clean, Shemain's vampire ass was not on anyone's mind. Though his supple motions didn't fit in the party scene, he seemed to slide his way threw. The ten minutes took forever, but it was done.

Forbidden Love DMAH edition

It was a casual friday night and David Mah was up to his antics again. Cruising the streets in his 50 Chevy with the top down and the wind flowing through his bald scalp.  This was no everyday night there was a new girl in town on the streets, young blood.  David the 40 year old boss that he is was on the search for his one love. Davids parents have given him an arranged marriage at the age of 6 but David refused as he could not handle the life of forced love, which brings him searching the streets for his forbidden love.  The new girl on the street was a girl named Hooookalakaka.  The second David noticed this girl his eyes melted like hot gold and he pulled his car around.  The anticipation to meeting this eye candy was unberiable he knew that she was destined to be his wife to the better judgment of his parents.  David pulled up slowly and called...

Blades of Forbidden Glory- Alec

It was the eve of the Olympic Mixed Doubles figure skating competition. All I should have been thinking about was the event of my life the next day. All I could think about was who I was up against. The top ranked pairing, while mine being second, consisted of two snooty siblings who could carve up the ice like a magical scene straight out of Harry Potter. All I should have been thinking about was how to beat them. All I was thinking about was their younger sister. I had seen her around the complex, made fleeting eye contact. It is more than common for figure skating duos to be romantically involved with each other, but to go for my opponents' relative was an absurd notion. She may have been average looking, but I was even more average looking so it was well worth the risk. I walked to the outside of her brother and sister's change room and pulled the nearest fire alarm. As the siren sounded and the sprinklers sprayed, I placed my phone on the ground outside the door with an open note on the screen which read "Snow Cones 2nite @ 7?", and scurried away. As soon as I got outside the arena, I calculated all the flaws in my plan. She could run by my phone in a hurry to escape from the potential fire without seeing it. The cellular could explode in a cartoonish manner. Despite my doubts, I waited on a bench beside the snow cone stand an hour before our date was set to begin, making a leather jacket look awfully hip. She arrived a very fashionable four minutes late, looking less average than usual which was balanced out by my leather jacket. I briefly contemplated ditching her to pursue a different love interest, as I could probably raise my standards on account of how awesome I looked in this sweet jacket. That idea was squashed immediately after being thought, as I remembered that I'd never been on a date before. I bought her a snow cone. It made her tongue red. My cone was blue. We made purple. The next day I won Olympic gold, and she applauded quietly in a corner out of sight and earshot of her siblings.


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Forbidden/Young Love Assignment-

He was my first love and is not to be forgotten. Sitting at my desk with my typewriter, liberated as a woman journalist. I often peered at his office window down the aisle from me. You could see him through the mere cracks of the blinds with his work clothes on, with his tie gradually getting looser from yanking on it all day. Lynol helped me get this job since he is well acquainted with the man behind the blinds. The man would sway back and forth across the room frantically, to keep everyone in check. I was contemplating on what my next article should be, when I heard him walking towards me. My heart beat followed every step he made. He leaned over to tell me about a dinner meeting with a client that he wanted me to join with him for that tonight and slipped a note with the details with the last sentence catching my eye,“Pick you up at 7.” My heart beat ran faster. I rushed home after five to put on my new slim black dress, powdered my face and dashed on red lips. He waited for me down stairs by his car. The dinner went great and we ended up having a couple more drinks together after everyone had left. Sinking into the music and voices that surrounded us we spontaneously began sitting closer together with our shoulders or knees occasionally slipping past each other when we laughed. In the next few weeks we went out for more dinners, not only work related. I knew he had a wife and children though. I had seen their pictures on his office desk. We never spoke of the subject and before long when our fingers would briefly brush against each other, but then it went from a tender yearning, to a constant reminder of our separate duties. We were not meant to be. Lynol detected our tension long ago. It would be years where I would stand in the corner of the room with my glass of Champagne at our office parties while he and his family are being admired upon in the center of the room. His wife was a wealthy woman and his business would have not built up till this day, if it was not for her. A couple months later I got a job offering from a big newspaper publishing establishment in New York. There was no way I could refuse. Lynol and I came across each other in a short years ahead, where now he insists on taking care of me and my daughter Emily, who is now 2 years old. That following year we decided to go back and visit our families. While walking back from the streets from taking Emily down to the market to buy some flowers, we bumped into the man in who is still in his loose shirt and tie. After I told Emily to say greeting to my old friend before we went and crossed the street. The man was still standing still across the street gazing into my little girl’s eyes and then to mine. This man’s name was Jeffery Howard.

Young Love

 "The girls shoulder, and her arm right down to the elbow, were pressed against his. Her cheek was almost near enough for him to feel its warmth." (pg. 121)

He didn't have to do anything to make my heart race. Literally. We were no longer talking as the lights had dimmed for the movie to start and it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. We were sitting at the very back of the theatre with the entire row to ourselves. Our arms were just touching, causing a weird current of electricity to jump from my arm to his, or that was what it felt like at least. I wondered if he could feel it too. The electric feeling was so real, and so was this attraction I had to him. It was unlike a typical "oh my god he's so hot" attraction, though that was definitely there too; I actually felt like my body was being pulled towards his without me trying to. I was very obviously leaning into him and from the corner of my eye it looked like he was too. He had to be, how else would our arms be touching right from shoulder to elbow? I looked at him, he glanced back at me and smiled, making the stupid pounding thing in my chest feel warm and fuzzy. He had such a nice smile, one of those smiles that makes you melt a little every time you see it. I could stare at his face forever. But that would be weird. So I smiled back at him and turned my head towards the screen again. I wanted to stay in this moment forever, just sit next to him in silence with my mouth permanently turned upwards. He probably didn't even know he had this affect on me. It felt just like one of those mushy lovey dovey movies every girl at my school was in love with, only this was about 2000 times better, because I was the main character.

A note that changed everything


1984 Rewriting Assignment

Even now, though his intellect told him that the note probably has something to do with his death, his heart did not want to believe it. His hands tapped against the hard wooden desk with anticipation. He wanted to open the note but a thought kept eating him up inside; what if one of his comrades reads the note. Despite the fear of death, Winston felt a strange warmth creep up on him. He had to convince himself that the note could be something great; something he has always wanted. Finally he decides that if he doesn't take any risks then he won't achieve what the wants; which is to be loved by someone. He takes a deep breath and rolls up the completed bundle of work. He looks over at the note, and how it is just sitting there, poking at his weakness. He watches the clock, one minute passes, then two minutes, he stares at the clock until fifteen minutes have passed. He sighs and starts to grab the note from his jacket pocket, when he hears a comrade calling his name. He quickly puts the note down on his wooden desk, and whips his head around. Its Comrade Phil approaching him, “Hey there, Comrade Winston, the printing machine is jammed and I was told by Comrade Rose that you are superplusgood at fixing things. Could you help me?” He forced himself to get out of the chair and help his comrade as much as he wanted to read the note he willed himself not to. Once he had fixed the printing machine, and was thanked by Comrade Phil, he slumped back into his chair. After a couple seconds had passed, he re-adjusted his spectacles on his nose, sighed, and drew the next batch of work towards him, with the scrap of paper on top of it. He was about to read the note when Comrade Rose walks up to him and asks if he done with the batch. Winston realizes that he hasn't printed the copying sheet, he goes to the printing machine while Comrade Rose starts to get the batch of work organized. When he returns, he notices that Comrade Rose's eyes were glaring at him, like he had committed a crime. Without making eye contact he hands the batch of the completed work to Comrade Rose, and continues with the next batch of work. He then carefully and slowly takes the note out of his pile of work. He sees that the note is already flattened, but he doesn't think much about it. On the note was written, in large handwriting; I LOVE YOU. For a couple of seconds, he just sat there, which a ton of questions just floating in his head. He was too stunned to hide the note, even though he knew that if he got caught, it could mean death. At first his mind just asked him if he was dreaming, if she was lying to him, but then he started to think about the possibles way he could express his hidden love for her. But he was so caught up in the fact that the dark haired girl loved him, that he didn't pay attention to the fact the the scrap piece of paper was already flattened, and how this little fact would change his life forever. 


Forbidden Love

He called me into his black SUV BMW and I walked there with a smile on my face. I was so excited that I finally had my chance to explain the thoughts that were always racing through my mind. I never thought I would be the one he would text to meet him. I skipped my third block PE 10 class, just to prepare my thoughts and be there to meet him when he was ready. When I got to the car he drove away immediately, and parked at the corner of Wesley. He asked me if I wanted to go in the back seat so we would 'have more room'. I was unsure of what that meant, yet I went with it anyway. About an hour later, forth block was about to end so he drove me back to the back side of the school. In the staff parking lot, so nobody would see me getting out of his car. I was offended in a way, but the fact that I just hung out with him made me the happiest girl in the world. I walked into the school, with a skip in my walk and my smile suddenly turned to a frown. My heart dropped as I saw his ex girlfriend walking towards the doors that I had just come into. I waited for her too walk through them and started slowly walking to the doors. I peered through the window and saw her, getting into the black SUV BMW I had just been in for the past two hours. How could somebody do that to somebody that felt so passionately about them? That was possibly the worst feeling I have ever felt, and it felt like the worst thing that could have ever happened too me. 

Forbidden Love

Robert was at his desk at work when he noticed a piece of folded paper sitting neatly waiting to be read. Robert knew not to open it when he was at his desk in case he was seen by someone, so he reached for the paper left his desk and went to the washroom. After entering the washroom Robert carefully opened the paper and read "meet me in the Court Yard just before sun set". That evening just before sun set and after a long trying to figure out whom the note might be from Robert left for the Court Yard. When Robert entered the Court Yard he noticed a small table with a neatly folded paper just like the one on his desk earlier, Robert opened the paper and it read "keep guessing, I’ll see you at breakfast". That night Robert could not sleep he was too busy thinking of who was writing the notes. In the morning Robert arrived in the canteen and noticed once again a neatly folded paper waiting for him at his usual table. This note read "I'll be waiting for you after work... don’t forget I love you", Robert was very confused because he had never loved anyone before and knew if anyone found out about the notes he would be in trouble. On his walk home from work he passed the Court Yard and noticed the small table still there but this time there was a girl sitting at it. Robert did not recognize the girl but something was telling him that she is writing his notes. Robert walked over to the girl and he realized how beautiful she was but before he could say anything the girl said “you found me.” Robert did not know what to do; he had a weird feeling in his stomach and could not stop thinking to himself how beautiful she was. Before Robert could do anything, the girl reached for his hand, gave him another note and walked away. Robert told he to stop but the girl kept walking; he looked down at the paper and unfolded it to see what was writing on it. This note read “don’t worry, this will be are secret, see you tomorrow”

Forbidden Love
Sydney Berman

Even 2 years after, that hallway still gave me goosebumps. You know how a memory can stick to a place like glue? That's how that long, skinny dark hallway felt. If you know the girl rule, you know that you cant go after your friends ex boyfriend. But if you feel so passionate about someone, that rule goes right down the trash. I remember how happy I was when i saw that message popping up on my phone in the middle of grade 9 science that said “Hey cutie, come meet me in the textiles hallway”. No one knows that feeling until it happens to them. It may be the best feeling in the world to know that someone loves you and cares about you just as much as you love and care about them. Making up a bullshit lie to my teacher why I had to leave class everyday for 15 minutes was always a struggle, but i could never pass down the offer to go meet up with him. After telling Mr. Cuckoo I had to go “pick up my lunch from my mom” I walked out of the classroom and headed for the bathroom. When i got there, I must of stood in front of the mirror for what feels like 5 years correcting the things I saw wrong with me. Big bags, frizzy hair, fat thighs, the flaws seemed to go on and on. As i stood there, it just blowed my mind that an older, attractive boy liked a little grade nine like me. I walked out of the bathroom and headed for that hallway. As much as I tried to erase those thoughts from my head, my conscious was catching up with me. How could I do this to my friend? Why was I doing this? Why am I such a bad friend? I just tried to ignore them. I came up to the hallway, and saw him sitting on the earthquake box. When he saw me, he looked up with a smile and a sparkle in his eye. Nothing made me happier. I walked up and we talked about our day so far, but one of the first things he said was “You haven't told anyone about us right? Because you shouldn't. It will make it more interesting”. Right when he said that I realized I wasn't the only girl. It must have been the worst feeling in the world. But I didn't care, I just let him break my heart into a million pieces because he was the only thing that made it feel whole.

A casual Thursday class consisted of the teacher rambling on about poetry and Shakespeare. In Carlaton Secondary School, love was forbidden. It was forbidden because love was distraction from education. During that casual thursday lesson, a boy named John was suddenly hit by a small pea sized shape of crumpled up paper. He slowly reached down and scooped up the paper, avoiding being caught by the teacher. John open the crumpled piece of paper, and revealed a note. The note read:
Dear John, you are adorable, and you always make me laugh, I love you - Jackie
He quickly crumpled up the paper, shoving it into his pocket, and resumed taking notes. Thoughts rushed through his head; how could this be? Does she really love me? Is this a joke? Is she trying to get me in trouble? He could not understand how or why she would risk being expelled for sending a love note. 

 by Lexy McDonald 

Meghan Rogers - 1984 Love Assignment

1984 - Young and Forbidden Love Assignment
English 12 Block 3
Meghan Rogers

It could have been an accidental brush of the fingers, which happens so often between peers as they try to make their way through the halls of the over crowded high school I have the misfortune to attend, but the shiver that ran up my spine told me it was much more than that. Only one person could cause me to feel so much in such a brief moment of contact. With him that was all I had; brief moments. It's funny that the pecking order of a high school can keep two people so far apart. We were divided by our reputations. He was the quarterback, the big shot, the boy who had it all. There were social consequences for a guy like him to be caught with a girl like me; quiet, mysterious, 'moody' as some may put it. One would think that with all the "be yourself" bullshit being promoted at schools a relationship like ours would be welcomed with open arms, but in the small town like Carnegie, Pennsylvania, it's as though we are stuck in the past. All that was keeping us together were seconds like these, secret messages delivered through the touch of our skin saying it was going to be okay. We were two people from two different worlds, yet our connection was undeniable.

Forbidden Love

Brian takes his phone and started to think deeply on what to tweet to her: “I love you” he wrote, quickly after he erases it. As he walks through the halls of Claremont he thinks about their love for each other and how their parents do not approve because they're from such different worlds. The idea of them being together made both of them very happy but he knew it wasn't good for them. He was thinking about incorporating how beautiful her brown eyes were in the tweet and how her smile lit up the whole room. Laura walks pass him, he quickly hides his phone from her before she could see what he was about to tweet. They eventually both walked their separate ways until Brian got a tweet “I love you” Laura tweeted at him. Brian knew he had to do it even if it hurt him, “We can't be together” he subtweeted her.

Young Love

The text Rose had sent him stuck in his mind the entire week. Life was like a restless dream. On the next day she was no where to be seen in the Claremont Learning Commons, until he was on his way to class, and the bell had already rung. Maybe she had changed out of her classes. They passed each other without a glance. On the day after that she was in the Learning Commons at the usual time, but three other girls had already sat down with her. At the table in front of Rose sat Mia. If Mia ever caught me talking to Rose, you can be sure rumours would spread like wildfire around school. Then for three dreadful days, Rose did not appear at all. His whole mind and body seemed to be afflicted with an unbearable sensitivity, a sort of transparency, which made every movement, every sound, every contact, every word that he had to speak or listen to, an agony. He had absolutely no clue as to what happened to her. What if she transferred schools? What if she caught a deadly virus? Worst and likeliest of all, she might simply have changed her mind and decided to avoid him. However, the next day she reappeared. The relief of seeing her was so great that he could not resist staring directly at her as she gracefully walked across the room to her table by the window. He could not take his eyes off her.

Young and Forbidden Love

The sound of gunshots filled the air and the ashy feeling of gunpowder tickled his nose. David was fighting alone in the wet trenches of the war field. He was worrying about the thoughts of being alone against a fleet of soldiers that were stronger, smarter, and more willing then he was. Davids mind running through all the possible outcomes of the terrible situation that he had put himself in. From over a slight hill too his right, he heard the unsettling noise of company. Out of bullets, and out of will to fight against the figure creeping of the hill David stood still in shock. Coming over hill was a beautiful blonde girl with and small stature. She held her gun right up to his face but never spoke. He could tell she had fear in her eyes and the same unwillingness to proceed with the life she was living. They stood silent and did not break eye contact for even a moment. David closed his eyes in preparation of the sound of the gun firing. Moments past and still nothing... and still nothing. He opened his eyes slowly and she was gone. Nothing in his sight but the gun she was holding lay on the ground in front of him.


Forbidden Love

She gleamed after having announced the news, although for some reason something didn't seem right. 
"I knew it would happen, I'm so happy for you!" Johnathon exclaimed, pulling her into a warm hug. Tessa appreciated his actions, but still felt awkward about it. She could never forget the memories they'd had together. "Austin is a great guy, I'm sure you guys will spend a wonderful life together." His words seemed to almost slur as he finished his compliment. 
"Thanks, that means a lot." She smiled as she turned to walk away, but suddenly felt her arm pulled backwords. Shocked, she turned to see Johnathon staring at her. Without saying a thing, she noticed him massage a piece of paper into her palm.  
"I guess I was too late," he uttered, as he simply turned and walked away.
Tessa sat down at one of the delicately painted tables outside and began to open the note, causing her heart rate to speed up. Once opened, she could have sworn her heart fell into the pit of her stomach.

"I've always loved you, and I want you to be mine. Will you marry me?" 

It was everything she'd ever wanted to hear from Johnathon, as well as something she'd never wanted to happen to her. Her feelings for him could never change, even though she was now engaged to another. As she held the tears back, she knew that that was not the last time she'd see him. The two would soon again be reunited.