Wednesday, 13 November 2013

You could say 2-faced

They say if you really want something in life you should not let anything get in your way of fulfilling your desires, but they also say that you should do anything that makes you happy unless it makes someone else unhappy.Yes, the fact I am going for my best friends Carlys, ex-boyfriend David totally goes against the rules of girl code, but I can’t help the way he makes me feel inside and out, I mean they dated like 4 years ago should it really matter still? If she was to find out about our secret, young love, our friendship would be over in a heartbeat. Seeing him in the school hallway while he walks with one muscular defined arm carrying his history book while wearing his ripped Abercrombie & Fitch distressed jeans while I am arm in arm with my best friend has got to be harder than solving quadratic functions in math class. We both avoid eye contact because if she finds out, we are both dead to her. They say “chicks before dicks” but the truth is, David is the complete opposite of a stereotypical Claremont douchebag, he is sweet, sensitive and everything I have ever wanted in a boyfriend. I mean, if Carly truly was my best friend wouldn’t she be happy for me? I keep telling myself that what I am doing is okay and everything will be fine because sometimes you have to be your own hero and save your own little heart, but deep down I know that going against my best friends back is simply, wrong. It’s now 1:05; the time David and I meet behind the big oak tree where we shared our first kiss. As I arrive I see his beautiful smiling face and can’t help but to smile back. He grips my hand and I lean in to his chest smelling his Calvin Klein IN2U cologne that I bought him for his birthday. This secret romance of ours is too secrete and deep that nothing else matters to me, as long as I have David, my world is complete.

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