Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Young and Forbidden Love

The sound of gunshots filled the air and the ashy feeling of gunpowder tickled his nose. David was fighting alone in the wet trenches of the war field. He was worrying about the thoughts of being alone against a fleet of soldiers that were stronger, smarter, and more willing then he was. Davids mind running through all the possible outcomes of the terrible situation that he had put himself in. From over a slight hill too his right, he heard the unsettling noise of company. Out of bullets, and out of will to fight against the figure creeping of the hill David stood still in shock. Coming over hill was a beautiful blonde girl with and small stature. She held her gun right up to his face but never spoke. He could tell she had fear in her eyes and the same unwillingness to proceed with the life she was living. They stood silent and did not break eye contact for even a moment. David closed his eyes in preparation of the sound of the gun firing. Moments past and still nothing... and still nothing. He opened his eyes slowly and she was gone. Nothing in his sight but the gun she was holding lay on the ground in front of him.


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